How Does One Keep Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive?

In times of Facebook, LinkedIn etc., social networks have become the place for like-minded people to meet up. Here, connoisseurs talk shop about the best of wines, while programming fans discuss coding methods. But there’s another way. Virtual networking to meet face-to-face. Paying a visit to the “Innovation in Retail” Meetup in Düsseldorf.

One participant of the "Innovation in Retail" Meetup described the appeal of the format as meeting with colleagues you don't even know. It is a meeting for people with similar interests who can talk about their experiences and swap ideas. Or simply get inspired. Another visitor, describing his expectations from a Meetup: creative discussions, new concepts. "Simply said, to experience this entrepreneurial spirit".

The meeting is held in Super7000 in Düsseldorf, a coworking space with industrial charm. Often, creative locations such as Super7000 offer this type of Meetup, the perfect platform for developing ideas in a casual atmosphere with finger foods and drinks. And if things go well, the Meetup becomes a series of events. This was the case with the "Innovation in Retail" Meetup launched by Fabio Ziemßen, expert for food tech and food innovation at HoReCa Digital, a business unit of METRO AG. The series has already entered volume 17, that is its 17th event.


Held in a 2-month cycle, the "Innovation in Retail" Meetup has become a popular industry network, fostering exchange between innovative technology startups from the retail and food services sectors with METRO AG and its sales lines. It is open to everyone. The founders present their ideas and business models. There aren’t many fixed rules, just a few set by the organiser. Often, there is a small stage and presentations or videos can be projected onto a screen. Booths and tastings are possible. All options, nothing a must. Participants can spontaneously decide to get on stage and tell their stories, discussions are then held with like-minded people, founders, startup experts and visitors.

Many of them are already part of the "Innovation in Retail" Meetup network and came on email invitation. Others are here spontaneously because they were looking for interesting local Meetups on the Meetup online platform. Others learned about the event through friends and acquaintances.

It's a group for everyone keen on retail and its future. For all those who are interested in how digitisation is changing the world of retail. For all those who want to talk about exciting innovations that have already been implemented in international retail. For all those who have fantastic ideas and want to share them.

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