MPULSE is METRO’s online magazine – featuring exciting topics from the wholesale industry and our customers, independent entrepreneurs. Here at www.mpulse.de we report on what motivates our customers, employees, partners and suppliers – and what we do for others. Our magazine informs, entertains, investigates, and provides insights into our business and that of our customers. And it tells small and big stories about products, ideas and people who make sure our business never stands still.

Moving People

Our business is international and diverse – and it thrives on relationships and exchange. Every day we touch millions of people worldwide: Customers and colleagues, partners and suppliers, innovators and developers. These people, with their goals and visions, are what inspires us, motivates us and shapes our core business. They are the reason why we continue to be passionate about our tasks and challenges.

This is why they are the focus of our magazine and in Moving People.


Moving Goods

Wholesale lives from its products. From their procurement, quality, purchasing, logistics and delivery. In times of digitalisation, globalised supply chains and growing demands for sustainability, this means much more to us than merely moving products from point A to point B. For example, our business revolves around efficient food service distribution, sustainable franchise models for retailers, local sourcing, new marketplaces – and all the computer technology behind it.

We report on all that and more in Moving Goods.


Moving Boundaries

As a wholesaler, we are committed to a central goal: to contribute to the success of our customers. We want to be a reliable business partner for independent entrepreneurs worldwide. At the same time, considering our rapidly and steadily changing industry, it means to constantly think outside the box and go beyond the existing comfort zone, explore new areas and thereby push the boundaries.

In Moving Boundaries, we report on how that affects our concepts, products, markets, and processes.