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The best ideas are the product of discussion from a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives. We at METRO are convinced of this. We are committed to questioning and challenging, looking for answers and developing solutions to embrace the future together and promote the continuing transformation of the food and gastronomy sector.

MPULSE.de is a digital space that brings together questioning and creative minds and forward-thinkers. MPULSE aims to be inspiring - for the food and gastronomy sector, as well as for retail and on behalf of retail.

Our aim is to break with entrenched opinions and encourage creative new ideas, to stimulate and inspire, but also to provoke. We do this by addressing new, unfamiliar and thought-provoking topics. But we also look at familiar issues from a new perspective. This is our contribution to finding innovative solutions to and ideas for the challenges and opportunities facing our industry as well as society in general today.