Who is Serving You in Your Times of Need?

From a bag of mixed sweets to milk, tobacco products and toilet paper - corner kiosks cover all daily needs, and its owners always have an open ear. 365 days a year and often more than 15 hours a day, they are ready to serve their customers. And for them they are shop, meeting site and also a place to air woes and get advice.

They are part of our urban environment, same as the local baker or drugstore. Corner kiosks. They can be found all over Germany, with different regional names: Büdchen in the Rhineland, Spätis in Berlin. Small shops, a window to the street or a free-standing hut - the product range is very similar: sweets, newspapers, tobacco, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. And that almost day and night around the clock.

Kiosk proprietors often work for more than 8 hours a day. Holidays, Bank Holidays or Sundays are concepts that hardly feature for them. That way, they stand up to supermarkets and petrol stations with their long opening hours that are an ever growing competition.

However, the social dimension is an asset they can exploit: this is where you are personally known, where you can stay for a chat over a coffee. At corner kiosks, topic of discussion include local and world politics as well as available rental apartments in the quarter. They provide a sense of belonging in a large city. Agony aunt, meeting place and shop in one.


It is a known fact that every successful business location depends in particular on small companies and the courage of their founders.

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How important it is to draw attention to small retailers, independent entrepreneurs, kiosks and corner shops is shown by one of the results of the Own Business Study, which was initiated on behalf of METRO and has not yet been published this year. It is dedicated to the challenges of independent entrepreneurs and examines what people in ten countries think about independent entrepreneurs and how they evaluate their own experiences.

One of the unpublished results from the current year shows that people value the self-employed very much. 42% of all consumers say that independent companies are important for the local economy. Many people see them as the driving force behind local growth. Only 12% of respondents say the same about non-independent companies.

Campaigns such as Kiosk Day or Own Business Day acknowledge the performance and commitment of the many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

About ... Kiosk Day: corner kiosks as cultural assets

On 25 August, the Ruhr Area celebrates "Kiosk Day", thus appreciating and recognising the work of kiosk operators. From Ahlen to Witten, a varied programme is planned at the kiosks of the Ruhr Area. On this day, the state capital Düsseldorf will also celebrate its kiosks with cultural, artistic and musical events.

Tag der Trinkhallen

Düsseldorfer Büdchentag


About ... Own Business Day and Study

In 2016 METRO initiated the first "Own Business Day" which is celebrated every year on the second Tuesday in October. It is a day dedicated to independent entrepreneurs and their achievements. To give them attention and recognition for their daily performance. For the celebration of the Own Business Day, METRO commissioned the international Own Business Study. The study was first compiled in 2017 and now enters its second round in 2018. 10,000 subjects from 10 countries, including 1500 independent entrepreneurs, were questioned for this study. Its complete results will be published in early September 2018.

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