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METRO Assortment for Everyone

You don't feel like queuing at the supermarket checkout? But you don't feel like taking out or delivering pizza either? There is also a solution for this: a cooperation between METRO Germany and the Munich start-up getnow.

Thanks to getnow's service, ordering the ingredients for dinner quickly on the way to the office is no longer a vision of the future. The online supermarket purchases all its products directly from METRO and delivers on the same day if desired - and, depending on the location, within 90 minutes of receiving the order.

In the METRO stores, getnow shoppers carefully select each product for each order - personally and by hand - with a trained eye for details and always with the aim of shopping for their customers as they would for themselves. Thus, getnow's customers have a selection of more than 13,000 METRO products at their disposal, which are continuously supplemented and adapted. And the annoying lugging of bags to the fourth floor is a thing of the past.


Good to know:
There is no minimum order value - the delivery fee is waived for goods worth 90 euros or more (purchase value up to 49.99 euros: 4.90 euros; purchase value over 50 euros: 2.90 euros).

Delivery areas:
Munich, Berlin, Essen, Neuss/Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover (as at 27.02.2020)

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