MPULSE: Fine cuisine? It can also be simple!

Creating something special – that’s possible without ‘luxury products’. Michelin-starred chef Sven Elverfeld demonstrates this with his high-quality cuisine. And the owners of the Düsseldorf restaurant Byliny also prove it. The new issue of MPULSE takes a look behind their gastronomic scenes.

MPULSE Print 2023/03

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One Michelin star is a great honour. But three stars for 15 years in a row – that's quite an achievement. Sven Elverfeld has done it. How? The head chef of the Aqua restaurant in Wolfsburg reveals it in his interview with MPULSE. He also talksabout the importance of gastronomy in the MPULSE online exclusive interview. Plus: his recipe for brook trout.

Michal Caasmann and Norman Metzing, owners of the restaurant Byliny and bar of the same name in Düsseldorf, focus on down-to-earth dishes and matching drinks. MPULSE followed the METRO customers for a day, from the METRO store to their  end-of-day close-out in the bar. The owners of Byliny will also be present at the Gourmet Festival in Düsseldorf from 25 to 27 August, where the new MPULSE magazine will be launched.  METRO is the main sponsor of Europe's largest open-air food festival.

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Also, in MPULSE: How METRO ensures ultra-freshness and reliable delivery, explained using the example of fresh fish that makes it from the water on your plate in 72 hours. Four experts give tips for the ideal menu. And columnist Max Strohe describes how his Michelin star disappeared from the restaurant façade – and how he and his team provided a creative replacement.

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(P.S.: If you want to know what, according to a French saying, too many cooks screw up, you should also take a look at the magazine as soon as possible. For it is not ‘spoil the broth’ as in English…)


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