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What does writing have to do with making a sauce? Max Strohe explains – in the new MPULSE. Kerstin Rapp-Schwan offers insights for finding good restaurant staff. And we serve up tasty facts about our own-brand cooking oil.

MPULSE - The METRO Magazine - 01/2023 February

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Max Strohe really wanted to be a rock star – but that wasn’t an option. Instead, it was boarding school or cooking school. He tells the rest of the story in the new issue of MPULSE. Effective immediately, the Michelin-starred chef and recipient of Germany’s Federal Order of Merit also has a regular column of his own in MPULSE. The magazine is available in print and as a PDF at www.mpulse.de/en/downloads, and many additional articles and features can be found online here. This time, the German MPULSE contains a special tasty treat for our customers: vouchers for DISH and metro.de.

A focus on customer needs

METRO service driver Markus Cetin can tell stories too. Every day, he delivers our customers their ordered goods and returns with their feedback. Customer centricity, product quality, efficiency – that’s what makes us at METRO who we are. Our own brands are a case in point. One example: our cooking oil, which is used at establishments ranging from corner takeaways to the kitchens of starred chefs. It comes from producers with a long tradition of excellence. We introduce two of these, who supply cooking oil to METRO Chef and Aro.

But even the best products aren’t much use when restaurants can’t find the personnel to bring them to the table. What can restaurateurs do to attract and keep personnel? Kerstin Rapp-Schwan, owner of five restaurants, offers some advice. In addition, we show our readers how we are orienting our wholesale stores completely to the basic needs of professional customers.

Would you like additional copies of MPULSE? Or do you have captivating stories to share with the magazine? Get in touch with us: mpulse@metro.de. Or stop by our social media channels.

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