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Digital tools have become indispensable in the gastronomy sector, be it for personnel planning, calculation of goods, table reservations or a professional internet presence. METRO's tech units - Hospitality Digital and METRO-NOM - are developing smart tools for precisely this reason. 4 apps that make life easier for restaurateurs:


If you want to set up a professional internet presence or digitise their reservations system, or if they are looking for support with staffing, DISH is the answer. DISH (Digital Innovations and Solutions for Hospitality) is a platform that enables restaurateurs to manage their businesses more efficiently with digital tools. The platform is available as a free app since spring 2019. The staffing tool, Simple Shift, comes pre-installed and is free of charge.

Corona-Crisis: Hard times require flexibility. Online food ordering button for restaurateurs and customers
Take away and Food Odering are more important than ever in the hard times of Covid-19. With the newly developed online order button, guests can continue to order food from their favourite restaurant, deli or café. And restaurateurs can continue to generate revenue even if no guests can come to the restaurant.

With over 1 million reservations in 15 countries, the figures speak for themselves. The online reservation tool from Hospitality Digital  is a useful app for restaurateurs helping them digitise table reservations. Now linked to ‘Reserve with Google’, it enables guests to make table reservations via the tool from within Google searches. Extending the functionality has proved successful: A reservation is generated on average every 20 seconds.
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What prices can I set for my menu? What are my costs? And how much profit will I be left with? Calculating the cost of goods sold accurately in a food service business is vital for a company’s success. With MenuKit  which has been specially developed by METRO and is currently being piloted in 7 contries, complex Excel spreadsheets are now a thing of the past. It can calculate recipe costs quickly and accurately and scale up or down to predict the cost of sales. A special feature of the app is that it displays that day’s METRO shelf prices. In just a few seconds it delivers meaningful results for the best sales price and contribution margin. 1500 restaurant businesses are registered and about 10,000 calculated recipes have already been calculated.

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From setting up a digital shopping list, finding a wholesale store, and checking product availability and the latest special offers to scanning barcodes and paying invoices electronically – METRO Companion combines all steps in one application.  Last but not least, it replaces the METRO customer card and can be used to check in digitally at METRO wholesale stores. The METRO Companion app is already available in 9 countries and has already achieved 450 app downloads.

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