Trade explained

Practically nothing works without trade, which is one of the pillars of the economy, but is often not perceived as such. The necessary school knowledge about this important economic sector is therefore available here in practical compilations as teaching material for grades 5-8, 9-12 and vocational school (only available in German).

A reflection of the needs

One of the core tasks of the trade industry is to recognise human needs and to make the right offers to meet them. If customers' requirements and expectations change or the spirit of the times changes, traders are often among the first to react. Seen in this way, trade is always a reflection of social trends.

In order to understand how trade influences economic growth, prosperity and the quality of life of people worldwide, it is first of all important to gain an impression of the tasks and functions of the industry as well as its performance and significance for the labour market. A perspective on the relationship between trade and societal developments, such as its role in the introduction of new technologies, and the industry's particular responsibility for the environment, completes the picture.


The teaching materials on trade, economics, society and the environment are divided into three levels for grades 5-8, 9-12 and the vocational school. The following sub-themes are covered:

  • Trade - distribution, assortments, procurement, marketing
  • Economy - consumption, structures, employment
  • Society - History of trade, Shopping as an experience
  • Environment - Rethinking energy, sustainable consumption

For each sub-theme there is one overall document, as well as a guide and separate worksheets.

Please note that all material is currently only available in German.

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