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Idioms. Hungry "as a horse" - in German "as a bear". In Englisch? Find out!

"Chapeau!" or "C'est la vie" are well-known proverbs in French. And what about "Avoir une faim de loup"? Not clear straight away? No problem, there is a German and an English equivalent. The Germans have a "ravenous appetite", they are hungry for bears. To be as hungry as a horse' goes the saying in English, and the French are as ...

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A DISH reservation custormer receives +33% more reservations (based on internally registered reservations (01.10.2022-30.09.2023)
With DISH, hospitality businesses have the digital solutions they need to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging world. They can focus on their food creations, service and a memorable guest experience while accepting reservations 24/7 - with DISH Reservation. More than 18 million reservations have been made so far.

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