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METROstories - Movers, Shakers And Future-Makers

Movers, shakers and future-makers

Behind every business, there are people. These are not only the 17 million METRO customers across over 30 countries, but also over 95,000 employees worldwide. Every day, they bring passion to the business, they take responsibility, develop new services and make METRO much more than “just” a wholesaler. They help METRO to shape the future of Food Service, making it an integrated provider of solutions and services for the hospitality industry and the traders segments, an inspiration for sector digitalisation and a role model in the sustainable economy. This is how METRO strengthens its customers’ businesses.

Uniquely versatile

The people, prospects and career paths are every bit as varied as the topics and tasks that make METRO so unique. Man, woman, other, new starter or old hand, at the vegetable racks or at the computer – all are METRO. With their commitment, individual talent and ideas, they are shaping company culture and together they forge the future of the sector.

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