Close the Shop and Wait out the Storm?

How Our Hospitality Customers are Handling the Coronavirus Crisis

All Stories Related to Covid-19 at a Glance

Covid-19 is presenting us with new challenges as a society, as business people and as individuals. We asked restaurateurs about the consequences of the crisis for them personally. But we also asked experts at METRO: What effects will the coronavirus outbreak have on the availability of goods and procurement?

The coronavirus outbreak is showing us stories of how people are coping with their everyday lives and the difficult decisions they have to make. But also stories that inspire and encourage. About teams who are working together even more closely despite being in different locations. About online wine tasting sessions and contactless collection services. And about good deeds: free home-cooked food so the products don’t go off.

"Careful Restart" for restaurants, bars and cafés

Various initiatives are working to give the gastronomy industry a reliable perspective for a reopening, while observing high safety and hygiene standards.

As an alliance partner, METRO supports, among others, the petition #restartGastro – Perspective for a careful restart of gastronomy in Germany. This petition is open to all citizens.

Actions like this also exist in other countries, for example #UnoPuntoSiete in Spain or #chiusimanonfermi in Italy.