Governance stands for the legal and factual regulatory framework that enables a company to be managed and monitored responsibly.

What's it all about?

  • Governance means good corporate management
  • METRO places the highest value on responsible corporate governance

Governance or corporate governance means company management. It refers to the legal and factual regulatory framework that serves to manage and monitor a company. The aim of corporate governance is to manage companies effectively, transparently and responsibly.

Corporate Governance Code

The German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC) forms a central basis for good corporate governance. This set of rules primarily provides recommendations and suggestions for the corporate governance of listed companies. The topics range from the working methods of the Supervisory Board and the rights of shareholders to Compliance rules.

Governance management system

METRO attaches great importance to the standards of good corporate governance. The actions of the Management Board and Supervisory Board are based on the recommendations of the GCGC and only deviate from them in justified exceptional cases. METRO controls all corporate management and control processes with the help of a governance management system.

METRO's sCore strategy sets out the company's goals until 2030, and the successes are also reflected in the figures for financial year 2022/23.