METRO leaflet / brochure

Whether in retail or wholesale, suppliers of products or services frequently offer their customers special offers and promotions. To inform customers about these, they use leaflets. METRO does this too, both with its printed leaflets in the wholesale stores and with online leaflets that customers can view on the website, in the METRO app and on WhatsApp.

What’s it all about?

  • What is a leaflet?
  • What information do METRO leaflets provide?
  • Where can customers find METRO leaflets?

What turns up regularly in your mailbox? Advertising leaflets, of course! By distributing leaflets, retail chains and service providers are aiming to increase awareness of their company or certain products and to promote sales.

What is a leaflet?

Printed leaflets still exist but customers increasingly look for their information online. They visit websites from particular providers and look for online leaflets there. The retail industry primarily targets end consumers while the wholesale industry looks to commercial customers. The special offers and promotions in retail and wholesale differ because of the different needs of the target groups. The purchasing volumes of commercial customers, for example, which includes customers from the HoReCa sector and Traders, are very much higher than those of end consumers. As a result, special offers in the wholesale industry frequently target large quantities. One example is the bulk price.

What information do METRO leaflets provide?

Alongside a permanent pricing structure via the bulk price benefit  in the wholesale store or individual customer prices for delivery, METRO also offers its customers additional special offers and promotions across all channels, primarily on its METRO own brands. Whether it’s seasonal bulk price offers in the ‘Bulk Price Benefit Online Catalogue’, or current special offers for restaurateurs in the ‘Gastrojournal’, ‘Fresh Gastro Deals’ or ‘Price Cracker’ – METRO customers can find information in the relevant METRO leaflet. Whether it’s food or non-food, pro equipment for the kitchen or furnishings, METRO presents its products clearly in a thematically arranged METRO leaflet.

Where can customers find METRO leaflets?

Customers can find every METRO leaflet in printed format in the wholesale stores or as online leaflets on the METRO website, in the METRO App  and on the METRO Whatsapp channel. Each digital METRO leaflet can be opened in the browser or downloaded as a PDF.