Total Shareholder Return (TSR)

The total shareholder return (TSR) is used to measure total returns from share investments, taking into account capital income and dividends.

What’s it all about?

  • What is the TSR?

The total shareholder return (TSR) is a key figure for measuring the total returns from share investments. The TSR takes into account capital income and dividends. The key figure reveals the total amount an investor earns from an investment as a percentage of the invested capital.

Calculating the TSR

The TSR calculation integrates capital gains and potential influences like special dividend payments, share splits and warrants. So, different parameters arise depending on share purchase, share performance and additional agreements that must be taken into account in the formula. Essentially, the formula for total shareholder return offers a holistic perspective by summarising all income, thus enabling a comprehensive overview of the investment.

METRO presents its current key financial figures in its annual report.