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Who is Serving You in Your Times of Need?
(Part 1/4 )

No matter if school supplies, toys, greeting cards or Frankfurters – Michael Leuer offers his customers a wide range of goods in his kiosk in Oberhausen. His dream has always been to become a salesman. But he’s much more than that. He’s a listener, a consoler and simply a good company.

He wants his customers to feel at home, that’s what is important to him. Michael Leurer always wanted to become a salesman. A year ago, his kiosk in Oberhausen opened and he lives up to his dream: He’s a salesman from head to toe and the good soul of his district.

In his tiny kiosk he offers the typical goods, from magazines to candy and drinks, but his product range goes further: sandwiches, Frankfurters, meat balls, barbecue goods, household items, school supplies, toys, toiletries, office supplies, cat food, greeting cards, stamps and a post shop can be all found at his place. Everything, that neighbors don’t have ready to hand, they can buy at Michael Leuer’s.

The customers appreciate it highly and the personal contact is essential to all of them. This is where stories from the neighborhood get spread, this is where news take up a new speed, this is where the latest gossip is shared.

“It makes me proud to be trusted this much and it makes my kiosk unique.”

Changing back to his old job, when he used to drive trucks, is no option for him: Michael Leuer has truly found his place.


It is a known fact that every successful business location depends in particular on small companies and the courage of their founders.

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