METRO own brands: Specialist needs under one roof

In its portfolio, METRO has a range of own brands that are perfectly tailored to the needs of its customers. Delicacies from Fine Life, kitchen equipment from METRO Professional, all about coffee from Rioba or furnishings and furniture from Tarrington House – the METRO own brands offer customers high-quality products.

METRO Own Brands Logos

The popularity of the range with customers is clear from the rising own brand share of sales. In 2020/21, own brand products accounted for 17% of sales, but this figure has already grown by two per cent since then. But there’s more to come: METRO is aiming to increase the METRO own brand share of sales to 35% by 2030. The own brands are available in both the METRO stores and the METRO online shop.


Quality world of food conceived to meet demanding gastronomy needs

METRO Chef – premium food products

METRO own brand METRO Chef offers high-quality, fresh foods. The products are available in packaging sizes to suit all needs and are ideal for both haute cuisine and for the hospitality industry, as well as for other commercial customers in the food service sector. The entire product range features pictograms so you can see at a glance whether the product is pre-sliced, gluten free or suitable for freezing.

METRO Professional

Accessories, tools and appliances for specialized and demanding professional needs

METRO Professional – equipment for professional chefs 

Professional chefs can find cooking utensils, kitchen appliances and textiles for the hospitality industry from METRO own brand METRO Professional. The product line also includes cutlery, crockery, glassware and cleaning products. Pictograms on all METRO Professional items provide quick reference, showing for example that a product is ‘cordless’ or ‘dishwasher safe’.

METRO Premium

Distinctive high-end quality food for delightful culinary experience

METRO Premium – top quality culinary specialities

METRO customers looking for culinary specialities will find what they need from METRO Premium. The METRO own brand helps professional chefs to create extraordinary dishes. This product range also features pictograms so products can be instantly categorised.


Choice for basic needs

Aro – essential basics  

METRO own brand Aro covers all key gastronomic needs with its basic product range. The broad assortment includes food, appliances and drug store items at affordable prices. The products are aimed at both private customers and hospitality industry operators and traders.


Professional coffee and ready-to-go experiences

Rioba – really great coffee 

At Rioba, it’s all about the coffee. From coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee capsules and coffee pods to baked goods, jams and biodegradable single-use cups – Rioba offers complete professional solutions for cafés and bars. The METRO own brand offers around 100 items that guarantee temptingly great coffee, even to take away.

Fine Life

Choice & Profit for Traders

Fine Life – variety worth paying for

METRO own brand Fine Life is tailored especially to the needs of traders. The product line includes around 1,100 food items for resale, such as fruit and vegetables, baked goods, dairy products, canned products, frozen foods, confectionery and drinks – some of them organic.


Reliable office essentials that support professionals in running their business

Sigma – professional office organisation

The portfolio of METRO own brand Sigma is all about the office. Around 1,200 items support professional office organisation, from office supplies to office furniture and office technology.

Tarrington House

Cosy home and seasonal style for everyone

Tarrington House – on-trend furnishings

METRO own brand Tarrington House offers over 3,500 homeware products. Besides bedding, the product range from Tarrington House also includes gas barbecues and garden furniture as well as decorative items and kitchen appliances.

The star players of METRO own brands

Lots of METRO products are bestsellers. Here are six stars from the METRO own brand range:

👉🏼 METRO Chef Gateaux au Chocolat has been a smash hit for years. The little cake that transforms into a chocolate volcano in less than a minute in the microwave saves valuable time in busy kitchens for the preparation of delicious desserts. Also available with different fillings, such as chocolate and caramel, or white chocolate.

👉🏼 For roasting, frying or marinating, rapeseed oil is a versatile option in the kitchen. In 2021 alone, METRO sold 1.8 million 10-litre bottles of Aro rapeseed oil. This makes it one of the most sought-after products in the food sector.

👉🏼 With over 4 million cans sold per year, METRO Professional Chafing Dish Fuel is at the top of our bestseller list. The lighting gel burns without smoke or odour so is perfectly suited to every event where food must be kept warm for a while. Each 200g can burns for around three hours – by which time the food being kept warm has often long been eaten.

👉🏼 The Italian hard cheese range from METRO Chef can count on flavour from Italy. It includes Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano in various maturity ratings and sizes. The products are manufactured from 100% Italian milk and are matured in Italy. As antipasti or paired with other ingredients as the crowning glory of a meal; grated, shaved or in a block – the cheese from this product range fits perfectly in every Italian dish or on any cheeseboard. 

👉🏼 When does a hungry guest want their chips? As every restaurateur knows – right now! Our top selling METRO professional deep fryer GDF3008 is the most highly-prized appliance for reducing waiting times to a minimum. With a capacity of eight litres, it can fry 800g of frozen chips in just five minutes. Professional chefs also love its other functions: the tap for easy oil drainage, the cold zone for protection and the comfortable, heatproof handle.

👉🏼 In countless businesses, copy paper is the unsung hero behind the scenes. And the fact that our Aro copy paper is among our absolute bestsellers in our non-food range proves that customers love the reliable simplicity of this item. With basic quality at an attractive price, customers get the right tool for printing and copying – or even for scribbling their next business ideas.

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To ensure that our own brands meet haute cuisine needs in terms of flavour and quality, METRO relies on the judgment of its customers.

Good quality isn’t just for food. The best equipment is also vital. METRO relies on its customer feedback when putting its own brands to the test.

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