Take orders faster with the DISH POS system

DISH POS not only shortens the waiting time in the restaurant, but also relieves the staff. Because with the cloud-based POS system, restaurateurs can both take orders and cash up more quickly. This is how the smart POS system for the restaurant industry works!

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Hello METRO, how can I take orders and payments more quickly?

Just have your guests order and pay digitally. Like this:

Hello METRO, how canI take orders and payments more quickly?


Your guests order their desired dishes and beverages independently at their table by QR code via their smartphone or at a terminal.


The order appears automatically on a screen in the kitchen and at the bar. Your staff prepares and serves the food and drinks.

Place your order quickly and cash up: DISH POS - the cash register system for the catering trade

The cloud-based POS system, DISH POS, relieves restaurateurs and increases customer satisfaction.


to pay, your guests use digital payment options, cash or card – depending on what the restaurateur accepts.

Good reasons for DISH POS

With DISH POS, restaurateurs benefit from a wide range of powerful functions. In addition to faster order processing, the smart POS system enables restaurateurs to split and merge receipts at lightning speed, plan tables clearly and provide uninterrupted service. More: dish.co.

Cashless payment


Cash alone isn’t king: worldwide, a total of around 1,093.9 billion cashless transactions are predicted for 2023. The figure for 2019 was only about 708.5 billion.

Source: Statista
Video: How DISH relieves restaurateurs

How DISH relieves restaurateurs

Digital support relieves your staff and increases your sales, because guests can place their order quickly and easily.

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