Supply shortages in wholesale: METRO answers frequent customer questions

Supply shortages are currently causing problems for many companies. Nevertheless, METRO ensures the best possible availability of goods through high inventories, an expanded supplier network and product alternatives from METRO's own brands.

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Hello METRO, with all the economic turmoil these days, how do you manage to keep the shelves full for your customers?

👉 High inventories

We maintain a continually high inventory to guarantee that the products our customers need are available without interruption. For example, we order Christmas goods as early as the preceding January.

👉 Shorter transport routes due to regional products

Wherever possible, we are increasingly establishing partnerships with suppliers from different regions. For instance, since 2022, we have been obtaining refrigerators not only from Asia, but from Europe as well.

👉 Expanded network of suppliers

To be able to cushion the effects of supply shortages, we keep in constant contact with our suppliers and, whenever possible, purchase every product from more than one source. For every product, we make inquiries with at least two or three suppliers.

👉 Product alternatives through METRO own brands

METRO offers own brand products in many categories along with the sought-after A-brand products. That way, there is always an alternative.


Supply difficulties in companies

95% of retail companies were affected by supply problems at the start of 2022.

76% of wholesale companies have changed their procurement practices since the Covid-19 pandemic. Often cited: higher inventories and more supply partners.


METRO Online Shop

There are even more choices available at METRO Marketplace, the largest B2B online store for non-food items for the HoReCa industry. Professional customers get everything they need here -  uncomplicated and via a single platform.


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