How digital is your business management? Test it now!

From digital ordering and delivery to efficient staff scheduling, the right use of digital tools can make a big difference to the success of your catering business. Find out now how modern your business management is and how you can take full advantage of digital tools to take your business to the next level.

How digital is your businessmanagement?

👉 Do you plan your purchasing digitally?

👉 Do you order your goods digitally and have them reliably delivered?

👉 Do you plan your staff digitally?

👉 How do you set your prices?

👉 Do you have all of your business´s key figures in view?

👉 How do orders get to the kitchen?


1–3 points:

🙈 You aren’t yet tapping much of the potential of digital aids and processes. In digitalising your business, perhaps start with
work steps that are currently still demanding a lot of your resources!

 4–6 points:

👍You’ve already digitalised a number of processes. Which solutions could further simplify your operations?

7–9 points:

💕 Excellent! With the help of digital means, you’ve already increased your ability to focus on your guests.

👇 Test now: Is your guest experience digital?

Is your guests' experience digital? Test now!

The digital test reveals how efficient and modern your guest experience is.

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