Is your guests' experience digital? Test now!

Automatic reservations, digital ordering and product traceability - the digital test reveals how efficient and modern your guest experience is!

👉 Do you have a website?

👉 Can guests reserve a table on your website?

👉 Can guests order online on your website?

👉 But do you pay for this service?

👉 Can guests order their food and drinks digitally at their table?

👉 Can your guests also pay digital?

👉 And what if guests ask about the origin of the products you use? Can you answer their questions?


1-5 Points

🙈 Hmm … there’s untapped potential in the digitalisation of the guest experience you offer. Why not test the entry into the digital
world with one of the possibilities presented?

6-10 Points

👍 Okay, you’re doing quite well, but more is possible. Have a look and see which solutions can round out your innovative
guest experience!

11-14 Points

💕 Wow, you’re already digitally really well equipped. Your guests can focus on their comfort and pleasure.

👇 How digital is your business management - test it now!

How digital is your businessmanagement?

How digital is your business management? Test it now!

Digital hospitality: Test now how modern your business management is and optimise your operations for more efficiency and profitability.

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