Yuicery: the fast food revolution

Fast food – but healthy, please – and still tasty, cheap and suitable for everyday consumption. Impossible? Actually, it is possible! It can even be purely plant-based. At least that’s what the founders of Yuicery say.

Restaurant Yuicery - finest bowls - vegan

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💡 Since January 2024, the restaurant concept has also been the first foodservice system to carry the V-label ‘vegan’.

‘Revolutionising fast food’: Yuicery has made this remarkable feat its mission. According to founder Oliver Neuzerling, it should be fresh and tasty, but also quick and inexpensive. With Yuicery, he and his business partners have fulfilled their dream. By his own account, he has created Germany’s first 100% plant-based fast food chain. Since January 2024, the restaurant concept has also been the first foodservice system to carry the V-label ‘vegan’.

The marketing for the concept deliberately features flavour and health consciousness more prominently than veganism. ‘Many of our guests don’t even realise that all our ingredients are plant-based,’ explains Neuzerling. He has been living a vegan lifestyle for years, but that doesn’t mean he wants to compromise on flavour. ‘From the Cezar Chick’n to the Plantuna Bowl, all our dishes are sustainable, delicious and prepared with exquisite substitute products.’ This is not just about animal welfare, but also about sustainability throughout the entire operation. Neuzerling emphasises that this also applies to the selection of suppliers and products. His criteria for the ingredients he uses: everything must be fresh, high-quality and 100% vegan.

The Yuicery project started in 2014 as a pure juice manufactory. Over the years, the concept has evolved to include a catering service and a restaurant concept. There are now several branches: in Stuttgart, Cologne and in several large companies as part of company catering. The aim has remained the same - to provide healthy food that tastes good and is affordable.The mission has remained the same: offer healthy food that tastes good and is affordable. The menu includes bowls, smoothies and protein shakes as well as breakfast dishes such as porridge, avocado toast and banana bread.

Yuicery - Ordering per METRO App - easy and comfortable

Online ordering and delivery service save time

The company sources many ingredients from METRO, including plant-based alternatives to animal products. ‘That makes my job a lot easier,’ says Neuzerling. The restaurateur and his team predominantly place their orders online, while METRO’s delivery service takes care of the delivery. ‘That takes a lot of weight off our shoulders,’ explains Managing Director Philipp Weber. For example, standard order records can be created for ordering from the METRO delivery service (Food Service Distribution, FSD), which makes it easier for restaurateurs to place repeat orders via smartphone or the website. That saves time. The same applies to digital invoicing: all documents are stored digitally. ‘That also makes my life easier. Less paper is better,’ explains Weber.

Cost consciousness and environmental awareness are paramount for the entire operation management. ‘Sustainability is important to me and influences many of my decisions,’ elaborates founder and Managing Director Neuzerling. This also applies to the keyword ‘vegan’. To him it’s not just a trend, but rather a way of ‘living, working and consciously engaging with the way we eat.’ That's our mantra at Yuicery. That’s our kind of hospitality.’

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