Food and non-food products

From A for apple pie to Z for toothpicks. The retail sector offers an extremely diverse range of food and non-food products.

What's it all about?

  • Retailers differentiate between food and non-food ranges
  • At METRO, caterers can find both: a wide selection of food and non-food products

Food and non-food are the terms for food and non-food in the German language and especially in trade. The term near-food is sometimes also used for certain goods, for example pet food or stimulants such as cigarettes.

Diverse product groups

METRO's food assortment includes numerous product groups, such as fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and sausage products, dairy products, delicatessen, frozen products and beverages of all kinds. The non-food assortment also includes a wide range of product groups such as cleaning products and detergents, large and small electrical appliances, household goods and items for kitchen equipment.

Plate with Italian food and a glass of red wine

'When we placed the order, we were sure'

How customers perceive Europe's largest non-food online marketplace for the HoReCa industry.

METRO's online marketplace offers a huge selection of non-food items for the HoReCa sector. Here, caterers can get everything they need - simply, quickly and via a single platform.

Hand holding a phone with the website

Focus on professional needs

The METRO online marketplace offers HoReCa customers an efficient shopping experience.

Looking for non-food items? More than 850,000 products are available on the METRO Marketplace in Germany alone - from grill plates to serviettes.