How to get from Size XXS to XXL

Passion is an indispensable precondition in order not to lose your orientation in the vortex of self-employment. René Dost, known for his restaurant concepts with XXL dishes, can tell a thing or two about this.

René Dost, passionate restaurateur

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Having been raised in a family of restaurateurs, the almost 50 year old Dost learned at a young age to appreciate snack food and the uniting powers it can unleash. That's why he decided in the former German Democratic Republic to become a restaurant specialist and a cook, preparing himself to eventually take over his family's business.

But then Germany reunited and the new winds steered many people's lives not only in the direction of democratic freedom, but also towards massive changes. For René Dost a chance, the start of being more self-determined, the start of becoming more successful. So he bought a food truck and got chased away by the Parks Department. He brought his business to Berlin and went broke. He returned home to Ketzin and founded his delivery service in 1991. And since three is a charm, his persistence was finally rewarded. His catering and delivery service hit a nerve and over the following 18 years he succeeded to build a company with around 33 entities, over 200 employees and about eight million happy customers. The "Redo-Company" - success delivered by passion.

Digital solutions that make life easier

And since a rolling stone gathers no moss, René Dost continuously looks for further innovations that ease his life and secure his entrepreneurial success. Lucky for him, Hospitality Digital, METRO's digital unit, caters exactly to those needs. With the "gastro-cockpit", restaurateurs can steer and optimize their company processes digitally and easily. The core is a management dashboard with the five big restaurant benchmarks:

  • service
  • revenue
  • break-even
  • table-analysis
  • and bestsellers.

The data comes from the register system and further information like weather forecasts can be added.

Even though no one can control rain, sunshine or snow yet - a first step towards a digitized and transparent hospitality industry has definitely been done.

René Dost, passionate restaurateur

About ... René Dost

René Dost owns the "Redo-companies" and swears by digitized processes to manage his processes as transparent and efficient as possible.

Learn more about his business and his philosophy at

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