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Who is Serving You in Your Times of Need?
(Part 3/4 )

Dimitrios Tsanakas runs the most popular kiosk in Dortmund - a drinking hall that never sleeps. It is open 365 days a year. Tsanakas heart beats for its customers. The customers heart also for him. When he was in hospital, many came to visit him. They are there for each other.

Many relationships have developed in his kiosk. Here you don't just shop, you talk and linger for a moment. For over 25 years Dimitrios Tsanakas has also been there for the people of nightlife. He runs one of the few kiosks in Dortmund that are open 24 hours a day. No wonder he experiences a lot. So a couple got to know each other at his kiosk, who is now married and has a baby. But he also hears of deaths and is invited to funerals. Because he is not only seen as a businessman or kiosk owner, but also as a friend.

"We also have a bit of a pastoral function here. That's what makes this place special and that's why it's always well visited", Tsanakas is pleased to say.

He likes to be a contact point and is happy that his interpersonal relationships are cultivated. Without such kiosks, the passionate kiosk owner is convinced, a piece of cultural heritage would be missing.




It is a known fact that every successful business location depends in particular on small companies and the courage of their founders.

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