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Any more questions? Customer asks, METRO answers.

timer1.5 minMay 2023

Why do some prices fluctuate more than others? How does METRO ensure product availability? Why are products discontinued? MPULSE answers what customers want to know. Today's topic: product packaging.

Hello METRO,

why are you changing your product packaging?

Useless eye candy? Not at METRO. We aren’t making our packaging prettier – we’re making it more practical. That’s what wholesale is about.

Hello METRO, why are you changing your product packaging?

👉 Business customers buy in large volume – to make sure the required amounts are always available in the store, our employees work to keep the shelves continually filled. This goes even faster with our new own brand packaging, such as for the Aro sunflower oil, which can now be placed even more stably directly on the pallet thanks to precisely cut cardboard intermediate layers.

👉 On purchasing runs, as in the kitchen, the approach of food service professionals is direct and hands-on. Large, heavy containers, like for METRO Chef frying oils, are easier to carry with our convenient handle.   

👉 Mise en place. All important background information on products is just a click away! The QR code on the  packaging for the mobile 6-burner gas barbecue from METRO Professional, for example, leads directly to a video explaining the set-up.

👉 With our packaging, we support our customers’ increasing expectations with regard to sustainability. For example, our own-brand packaging in office range has saved 51 tonnes of plastic in two financial years.

👉 In a professional kitchen, every move has to be sure and direct. We conceive our own-brand packaging to facilitate this. Ring-pulls make containers like METRO Chef tomato puree even easier and faster to open – without the need for additional devices or utensils.

About 78% of consumers surveyed consider sustainable packaging to be very important. The second-most frequently named criterion is the inclusion of product information on packaging (2020 survey, statista.de).

12 fewer lorries have to take to the road, thanks to a change in package sizes for aro cosmetic tissues. With the new own-brand packaging, 192 more packages fit on a pallet.