Does Responsibility Fit Into a Suitcase?

Going on vacation? What if there was room for some responsibility in your suitcase this year, alongside flip-flops, beach towels and beachwear? How one can really contribute to reducing the plastic pollution of the oceans by visiting the beach.

Why do we write about plastic pollution of the oceans? Because the facts are simply alarming and we all - companies and people - are called upon to make our contribution to an improvement.

A truckload of plastic waste currently lands in the sea every minute. This adds up to 5 to 13 million tons of plastic waste per year, which turn into huge islands of plastic waste in the oceans and, due to the effects of wind, sun and water, enter as microplastics in the food chain of marine life.

On June 8, 2018, the UN called on World Oceans Day to join forces to fight against the increasing plastic littering of the oceans. And we can make a difference even with small changes in everyday life.

The top five:

  1. Get rid of: disposable plastic products such as straws, stirrers, cotton swabs and co.
  2. Use reusable bottles and Coffe-to-Go-Cups
  3. Goodbye plastic carrier bags! Use shopping bags made of recycled plastic or fabric
  4. Take recycling seriously: Pay attention to notes on the packaging, disassemble packaging such as yoghurt cups into individual components and, in case of doubt, read again.
  5. Put an end to avoidable plastic packaging: Use e.g. reusable nets for fruit and veg


But honestly, can your contribution to fight plastic waste in the oceans be more direct than while spending summer days at the beach?

The top five for the summer vacation:

  1. Anything you take to the beach, take it back with you.
  2. Garbage belongs in waste bins - secure light packaging so that the wind doesn't carry it away.
  3. If you notice garbage on the beach or under water, make sure to use every visit to the beach to properly dispose of some plastic waste at the end of the day.
  4. Avoid unnecessary plastics on the beach: drink your smoothie or cappuccino in the beach café - without disposable cups and plastic straws.
  5. Be a good example: tell about your contribution to fighting plastic pollution - if you like, use social media with the appropriate hashtags: #beatplasticpollution #saveourseas #everylittlehelps

Is that enough? According to Brendon Burchard, US-best-selling author and high performance coach, no contribution is too small as long as it is a contribution for the right cause. If each of us starts with small changes, we all become part of a big movement - and together we can make a difference.

World Oceans Day

The United Nations proclaimed World Oceans Day for the first time worldwide on June 8, 2009. Since then, this day has been used to draw attention to the world's oceans and their immense importance for us and for the climate. World Oceans Day on 8 June 2018 was dedicated to fight plastic pollution of the oceans. In social media there are numerous actions and initiatives to be found using the hashtags #WorldOceansDay and #beatplasticpollution. Learn more online:


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