Where do Potatoes Come From?

Christian Benninghoven is convinced: Gut Diepensiepen has the best potatoes on the Rhine and Ruhr. His products stand for quality and freshness. But what else distinguishes his tubers? Tradition and work in harmony with nature.

Christian Benninghoven

Family Benninghoven at Gut Diepensiepen


In family hands for 275 years: Already in the 9th generation, the Benninghoven family manages the Gut Diepensiepen farm in Ratingen near Düsseldorf. Main crop: the potato.

Every year Christian Benninghoven harvests up to 1,400 tons of potatoes on the 200-hectare farm.

Potatoes are packaged


Whether crispy baked potato gratin, fluffy puree or classic with salt - potatoes have become indispensable in the kitchen. And there are many types of them. From floury to solid.

6 different varieties grow on Gut Diepensiepen, among them the favourites Annabelle and Allians.

Potato crop

In harmony with nature

Potatoes are only planted on the same field at 5-year intervals. This preserves the fertility and health of the soil. In the meantime, wheat and other cereals grow there. From March the potatoes are planted, from June the harvest can follow - depending on climate and cultivation method.

Potato selection

Quality management

Stones, soil and plant remains are already sorted out during the harvest. Later the fine selection takes place on the belt.

Potatoes are washed after harvesting


After selection, the ordered potatoes are washed and packed directly for transport.

Any potato that is not delivered goes to the cold store. The potatoes remain fresh for several weeks at a maximum temperature of 6°C - if they are stored dark and dry.

Potatoes are prepared for transport

Short Distances

The farmer attaches great importance to proximity when it comes to delivery. No long distances and personal service - that is important to him. Orders are bundled so that the truck can be used to full capacity every time it travels and the routes can be planned optimally.

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