MPULSE: Print with a prize game, online with a new look

Ambition, power, determination: two gastronomy professionals talk about this in an interview with MPULSE. Coinciding with the Sales Challenge, customers can win a wine fridge. And MPULSE online shines in new splendour!

Focus on wine with a prize draw

Focus on wine plus 👉 prize draw

MPULSE Magazine 01/2024

What´s all about

  • News from the METRO world
  • Cologne's star chefs in a double interview
  • Column -  Max Strohe 
  • Wine expert shares useful insights
  • and much more

How can gastronomic diversity be maintained? As different as Cologne's top chefs Julia Komp and Daniel Gottschlich are with their restaurants, the METRO customers agree on what is important in the industry. Find out more in the interview in our new MPULSE print magazine. Online the two also talk about gender stereotypes – and reveal in individual interviews what goals they have set themselves next. 

Julia Komp and Daniel Gottschlich in a double interview

‘Male-only teams suck

The starred chefs Julia Komp und Daniel Gottschlich in a double interview about goals, ambition – and gender clichés.

Attentive MPULSE readers will immediately notice that something has changed at MPULSE online: New article layouts, larger images, an improved search function and optimised font – with the relaunch, the online magazine is completely ON TRACK, both visually contemporary and user-friendly. After all, everything we do revolves around customer benefit. 

Focus on wine

Speaking of which: To coincide with the ‘Start of Season’ Sales Challenge from March 15, MPULSE is not only answering the question of how METRO selects the wine of the year. Businesses in Germany can also solve a puzzle and win the METRO Professional wine refrigerator from the Sales Challenge – for up to 91 bottles and with two temperature zones – as the main prize. 

MPULSE Print Edition 2024-01


Welcome to our competition from the MPULSE March 2024 print edition.

A sales professional, that’s also how our colleague Thomas Bonk can rightly be described. Be it by ferry or propeller plane, the METRO sales force manager makes everything possible for restaurateurs on the North Sea coast. By the way: Top customers in Germany receive MPULSE now together with the GastroJournal. The magazine supplements the offers in the brochure with gastro-relevant interviews, reports and interesting facts on METRO topics.
Sales Force Manager Thomas Bonk flies to his customers

Customer visit by plane

How METRO sales force manager Thomas Bonk makes everything possible for his customers on the North Sea coast despite the rough weather.

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