METRO Wine - how METRO chooses the wine of the year

Only the best quality makes it to the winner's podium - guaranteed by our wine experts, a total of more than 40 expert colleagues from 15 countries from 15 countries. METRO 2024 is honouring the Wine of the Year for the 17th time.

METRO Wine - how METRO chooses the wine of the year

Wine production 2023

Wine production will reach 244 million hectolitres in 2023. The frontrunner is France (46 million hectolitres), followed by Italy (44 million hectolitres) and Spain (31 million hectolitres).
According to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), France (46 million hectolitres), Italy (44 million hectolitres) and Spain (31 million hectolitres) will lead the way.
Wine - Quality wine at a top price

What´s it all about?

Customer asks, METRO answers: How do you choose the wine of the year?
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Hello METRO, How do you choose the wine of the year? 

Wine preparation and selection

METRO's wine experts are in constant dialogue with suppliers and follow current trends. Only relevant wineries and producers that meet METRO's wine standards are considered. To select the best candidates, METRO uses an internal evaluation system with a wide range of criteria - from the needs of our professional customers, the origin of the wine, the price-performance ratio and the quality of the producer to the characteristics of the terroir, i.e. factors such as soil and climate that favour the wine. Factors such as soil and climate that give the wine its character.

Wine tasting and selection of the wine of the year

METRO experts evaluate the look, smell and taste of dozens of wines, as well as the history of the wine and its production process. More than 40 experts from 15 countries contribute their know-how - almost 150 years of expertise in total. Nearly 150 years of expertise. METRO will develop a unique concept for the winner, including an exclusive blend, attractive packaging and cross-channel marketing.

METRO Wine of the year 2024

Wine of the year 2024: Volere - top quality, unique blend, exclusive pleasure from Italy at a great value for money.

🍷 Wine of the Year 2024

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