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METRO FAQ: Customers ask, METRO answers

timer1,5 minAugust 2023

Why do some prices fluctuate more than others? Why are products discontinued? And is convenience in the professional kitchen a contradiction? In ‘Hello METRO’, MPULSE explains what customers want to know.

One product is suddenly more expensive – but another one is cheaper than before. Why is that? Not only in view of inflation and rising energy prices, this is one of many topics that concern METRO customers. Whether product availability, new product packaging or changes in the METRO assortment: MPULSE explains what restaurateurs and traders want to know.

METRO FAQ: Answers to questions that move customers

‘Hello METRO’ explains strategic decisions in a comprehensible way – because METRO sees itself as a partner at the customer's side. Feedback plays an important role in this. Therefore the METRO FAQ: Customers ask, METRO answers.

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