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Hello METRO, what digital services do you offer?

timer1,5 minDecember 2023

METRO’s digital services make efficient wholesale purchasing possible. But smart tools don’t only improve the customers’ shopping experience – they also assist them all the way into their dining area.

Easy shopping with the METRO app

Quicker wholesale shopping? The METRO app makes this easy. Customers can use it to manage all their shopping activities digitally, save time at the wholesale store by using the integrated payment function and transfer digitalised invoices directly to their accounting software.

Traceability via METRO Pro Trace App

Product traceability? The METRO Pro Trace app provides restaurateurs and restaurant guests alike with information about ultra-fresh products, where they come from and how they were processed.

Products for professionals on the METRO online marketplace

Looking to buy food service equipment with a quality guarantee online? Customers can find more than 600,000 articles in METRO’s online marketplace – with price advantages thanks to bulk discounts and 100% verified sellers. Purchases can also be made here without a METRO customer card.

DISH - digital solutions for the food service industry

Digital assistance in the dining area? With DISH, we are developing smart solutions specifically for restaurateurs, be it a modern website, practical reservation and order placement tools or cloud-based cash register and billing systems.


Illustration of a computer displaying the DISH Website
Illustration of a phone displaying the METRO App
Illustration of a computer displaying the METRO website

The METRO sCore strategy

METRO’s ambition with the sCore strategy: 40% of sales will be digital by 2030. In other words, the customers will, as far as possible, see to their purchases themselves online – making the process faster for them and enabling METRO sales force management to focus entirely on offering advice. The successes to date are also reflected in the figures for the 2022/23 financial year. To the current annual report: www.reports.metroag.de