How does METRO know what the industry is up to?

For us, wholesale is not just about gut instinct – we work in close partnership with our customers offering advice and support. We want to know exactly what our customers need, and we take our wholesale trade in that direction.

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What's it all about?

👉🏼 Customer managers give advice - in the office and in the field
👉🏼 Managers do a sCore workout
👉🏼 Discovering new trends, gathering information, driving forward studies
👉🏼 Putting our own brands to the test
👉🏼 Social and political commitment

Berlin City

Vibrant city centres need restaurateurs

The METRO city centre study shows that together, restaurants, retail and cultural institutions can revitalise city centres.

Hello METRO, how do you know what’s on our minds?

We listen. Our expert employees are always ready to lend an ear – in the store, via the delivery service or in customer management. But first and foremost, every METRO customer has a pair of customer managers on hand to help with individual questions and advice. While the field service team provides a personal point of contact, the back-office team offers background support to fulfil customer wishes.

We’re right there with you. Between August 2022 and March 2023, around 330 of our managers spent a day working alongside one of our restaurateurs as part of our ‘sCore workout’. These practical days with customers will continue regularly in 2023. Through these, we discover what’s on our customers’ minds on a day-to-day basis, what challenges they overcome and where they need support. It’s like learning by doing.

We stay on the ball. We gather information, discover new trends and learn new strategies – at leading international trade fairs like Internorga or industry gatherings like the Rolling Pin Convention. And because we know how important these exchanges are, we get involved as a sponsor.

You be the judge. Good quality isn’t just for food. Tools in daily use – like electrical appliances, crockery and cutlery – must also be durable and practical. We invite our customers to help us put our own brands to the test. We discuss potential problems and possible solutions with our product testers in face-to-face meetings. With the help of customer feedback, we improve our products and ensure that professionals continue to choose them.

We are loud. We speak up for the needs and wishes of our customers. For this reason, we not only carry out studies on current topics relevant to the sector but also provide information about political and social themes that are important to our company and our customers. A recent example is the value added tax for the hospitality industry. The results are clear, as is our commitment to keeping it at 7%.


METRO in numbers

👉🏼 The METRO sales force consists of around 6,500 customer managers

👉🏼 Every year, METRO takes part in around 80 industry events, such as open forums, the METRO Politics Talk at the Gourmet Festival and the Deutscher Arbeitgebertag [German Employers Day].



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