From delicacies to 1-litre steins of beer: crazy Oktoberfest knowledge

After a long break owing to the pandemic, it’s finally 'O'zapft is' ('the beer is tapped') time again at the Munich Oktoberfest. In 2022, the Oktoberfest (also referred to as 'the Wiesn') opened its marquees once more. What do you need to know? 7 facts and curiosities about this cult festival.


Tons of goods: The METRO balance sheet

  • Over 2,300 kg of pork knuckle
  • 2000 Bavarian ducks
  • 1,900 kg of mountain cheese
  • 7,100 kg of french fries
  • 1.300 l wine for cooking
  • 4.000 l cream
  • 1.400 kg fresh fish
  • 18.000 burger and hotdog buns

  • Fact 1: People, people and even more people

    Sometimes it gets pretty crowded at the Oktoberfest. To serve its thirsty and hungry guests, around 8,000 people work directly at the Oktoberfest, 5,000 in other jobs related to it. A total of 6 million visitors are expected in 2022 – as many people as in previous years. The record number of visitors was in 1985, when 7.1 million people celebrated.

    Fact 2: A pricey measure

    The most important drink at the Wiesn: beer, of course! 1 litre comes to the table as a Bavarian 'Maß' (literally: 'measure'). In 2022, however, Wiesn fans have to dig deeper into their pockets than in the past. The cool blonde ale now costs between €12.60 and €13.80, whereas in 2019 it was still available for between €10.80 and €11.80. 

    Fact 3: Cameras instead of 'chunder hill'

    A notorious place for those who’ve had a few too many: the – pardon the expression! – 'chunder hill' is located behind the marquees on the hill. Photos of this hill have gone around the world in recent years and caused bewilderment among foreign guests. In 2022, the city of Munich is now relying on cameras and police to a greater extent to put a stop to the goings-on on the hill. On the one hand, this is to keep an eye on visitors’ health; at the same time, it’s about taking preventive action against crimes.

    Fact 4: A revolution in veal sausages

    Delivery METRO Oktoberfest

    There is a sensation in terms of culinary delights at the Wiesn in 2022 that will especially please the vegetarians and vegans among visitors. For the first time, vegan veal sausages based on pea protein are being served, with 76% less fat and 62% fewer calories.

    Fact 5: A whole table – or just a seat for yourself

    Since 2022, guests can also book a single seat in the beer tent instead of an entire table. For just under €79, it is now possible to celebrate the festival in the tent as an individual visitor.

    Fact 6: Export hit

    Starting in Munich, the Oktoberfest became a model for similar festivals around the world and now has a number of imitators. Qingdao in China is the biggest Oktoberfest outside Germany, with around 3 million visitors per year. Almost 700,000 visitors flock to the Oktoberfest in Kitchener, Canada. In Blumenau, Brazil, about 600,000 visitors gather annually, closely followed by the Oktoberfest in 'Zinzinnati' (Cincinnati), which is considered the largest American festival with 500,000 visitors.

    Fact 7: For a limited period, all the necessary equipment


    In order to be prepared for the enormous visitor onslaught, suitable solutions are needed. The GÜNTER Group, recently acquired by METRO, therefore plans, supplies and sets up the finest catering technology at the Wiesn. In addition, service technicians are on site as well during the Wiesn period to provide rapid professional assistance. Publicans rent the 'Oktoberfest kitchens' for the time of the festival; during the year, the supplier warehouses the equipment and appliances. In addition, METRO, as a wholesale specialist, supplies porcelain, smaller kitchen items, consumables and food – particularly METRO’s own brands – to numerous Wiesn publicans. In the future, customised complete food and technology solutions are to be offered under the joint umbrella.

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