Catering with a ♡ for 🌱 – three tips from Tiphaine Le Grand

As a caterer and president of the regional butchers' association, Tiphaine Le Grand advocates for responsible business in Brittany. Her top 3 tips for making buffets and events more sustainable:

Tiphaine Le Grand sorts the meat counter

1. Source ingredients from small businesses in the surrounding region – and advertise this fact! Customers can better accept paying higher prices or buying from a particular range of foods when they know who their purchase is supporting.

2. Less is more: opulent buffets where lots of food is left uneaten are a thing of the past. Sustainable caterers calculate precisely. Transparency is essential here as well: event organisers should inform their guests proactively that the goal isn’t to save costs but to throw out as little as possible.

3. Don’t throw away, reuse. This means using containers made of glass and dishes made of ceramic in place of plastic, aluminium or paper. These must be taken back and washed, but here, too, explicit communication increases guests’ willingness to embrace this practice. Deposit systems can also help.


100% of the meat that the Le Grands use comes from the region. They purchase additional ingredients from Pro à Pro. The METRO subsidiary delivers items like couscous, rice, oil, vinegar, seasonings, chickpeas and peeled tomatoes to the business once a week. The delivery service makes gastronomic life easier – with convenience, punctuality and reliability.

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Pro à Pro

The French company Pro à Pro is the largest FSD specialist under the METRO umbrella – and the leading delivery company in France. With its focus on community supply to healthcare and educational institutions as well as company canteens, Pro à Pro is broadly positioned. Find out more:

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