Food Service Distribution (FSD)

A great time-saver for restaurateurs, much kinder to the environment than individual journeys - and an important growth driver for METRO: delivery, also known as Food Service Distribution (FSD).

With the FSD (Food Service Distribution) channel, METRO has expanded its B2B offering in recent years. In addition to the traditional over-the-counter offer, METRO works with selected professional customers in the FSD channel on the basis of contractual agreements to supply them regularly with food products (and partly non-food products).

With the FSD channel, METRO has entered the primary supply of professional HoReCa customers; in selected markets, the FSD channel is also open to professional trader customers. The FSD sales share of total Group sales is one of the key performance indicators METRO uses to measure and review the implementation status of the sCore strategy.

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FSD Madrid Restaurant Mune

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A day with Markus Cetin, FSD Driver at METRO

One day with FSD driver Markus Cetin

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METRO currently supplies restaurateurs from 671 stores and 66 warehouses worldwide.

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