Culinary delights delivered by METRO

Whether in the METRO store or in the METRO Onlineshop: the food wholesaler supplies both upscale restaurants and large community facilities with all kinds of products. In addition to the METRO delivery service, the in-house delivery companies offer a particularly time-saving way of procuring goods.

METRO currently supplies restaurateurs from 671 stores and 66 warehouses worldwide.

METRO´s delivery service

METRO currently supplies restaurateurs from 661 stores and 64 warehouses worldwide. In addition, 6 specialised delivery companies are part of METRO, which generated about 25% of the sales in the delivery business in financial year 2021/22.

Those who use the METRO delivery service or have the goods delivered to their shop door by the delivery companies not only save time, but also protect the environment at the same time. What is a practical service for customers is an important growth driver for METRO: delivery, also called Food Service Distribution (FSD).

METRO’s delivery business is very diverse: it features everything from unique gourmet assortments for high-end restaurants to catering for large community facilities.

Who are the METRO delivery companies?

Rungis express GmbH – the gourmet connoisseurs

The most delicate truffles, unique meat, fish and seafood specialities, exquisite patisserie and rare culinary delicacies. Rungis express GmbH is the German gourmet specialist under the METRO umbrella. Headquartered in Meckenheim, the company sources exquisite specialities for delivery to restaurants and hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from 80 countries worldwide. Rungis express supplies more than 50% of the 326 Michelin-decorated restaurants in Germany. The company’s history began in 1978 at the wholesale market in Paris. Selected specialities were purchased there and delivered to restaurateurs in Germany as quickly as possible. Today, the company counts around 650 employees and more than 3,500 professional customers from the HoReCa industry (hotels, restaurants, catering). It has been a part of METRO since 2016.

Classic Fine Foods – the daredevils

Classic Fine Foods (CFF) also offers the highest culinary level, serving more than 9,600 HoReCa customers in the UK, Asia and the United Arab Emirates. From its procurement platform in Rungis (France) CFF also exports to the Caribbean, Maldives and Seychelles. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Hong Kong, the company with about 1,000 employees has been part of the METRO family since 2015. In addition to exquisite delicacies, CFF’s portfolio also includes amazing novelty food items. For example, it offers plant-based meat and fish alternatives that Michelin star chefs and upscale restaurants are increasingly integrating into their menus. At CFF’s own ‘Taste Lab’ in Singapore, CFF chef Jose Luis Del Amo supports the fine food specialist’s customers in creating new, delicious dishes with innovative products such as Tindle’s plant-based chicken.

METRO delivery service for restaurateurs

METRO delivery service for restaurateurs

Pro à Pro – the generalists

With around 2,700 employees and more than 40,000 customers, the French company Pro à Pro is the largest FSD specialist under the METRO umbrella – and the leading delivery company in France. With its focus on community supply to healthcare and educational institutions as well as company canteens, Pro à Pro is more broadly positioned than the other FSD companies in the METRO family. Founded in 2001, the company with headquarters near Toulouse was acquired by METRO in 2017. The company’s strength is efficient logistics. 22 logistics warehouses are distributed throughout France – 5 of them on the French islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, La Reunion and Mayotte. More than 535 drivers provide an average of more than 1.5 million deliveries a year.

Pro a Pro Spain – the island experts

‘Keep cool’ – that is the motto of Pro a Pro Spain, an expert in catering for hotels and restaurants in the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as towns along the Spanish coast. Most of the products Pro a Pro Spain delivers to its key customer group are frozen – a logistical feat, especially in the height of summer. The company only joined the METRO portfolio in 2020, but it boasts a long and successful company history. Founded in 1988, more than 100 employees work for the highly specialised FSD company today, serving approximately 4,000 professional customers.

Aviludo – the fresh meat specialists

From one holiday destination to the next – the beaches of Portugal are also famous tourist spots and the home of the delivery experts of Aviludo, which was founded in 1984. The supplier for independent hotels and restaurants, institutions, wholesalers, butchers and retailers joined METRO in 2021. But even before that time, it has been continuously expanding its network in the southern European country on the Atlantic coast for over 3 decades. The Portuguese market leader employs more than 900 people, has 9 branches all over the country, and reliably supplies more than 13,000 commercial customers with more than 3,500 products, including 2 own brands (ULI and BESTFOOD).

Johan i Hallen & Bergfalk - The Nordic protein suppliers

A real catch is the Swedish meat, fish and seafood delivery specialist Johan i Hallen & Bergfalk (JHB), which has been part of METRO since 2023. Founded in 1840, the Swedish company with around 350 employees supplies more than 4,000 commercial customers, including independent restaurants, HoReCa chains and premium grocers, with premium meat as well as exquisite delicatessen and seafood products. JHB produces and stores its wide range of fresh proteins at a total of five locations in the metropolitan regions of Sweden and Finland. To ensure the highest quality and maximum control over the entire process, the protein supplier processes half of the products in-house. JHB also stands for efficiency in the last mile: the supplier has a fleet of over 50 trucks with which the products arrive fresh to the customer.

METRO delivery service

Shopping costs caterers valuable time: the way to the METRO store, the way through the store and the way back to the store. In an industry where time is already scarce, good time management is a must. METRO's delivery service for caterers and wholesalers who regularly require catering products helps. METRO customers can place their orders daily around the clock via the METRO online shop or the METRO Companion App. They can flexibly determine when the order is to be delivered: They can choose between express delivery within 24 hours or delivery at a time of their choice. The METRO delivery service is available in 36 countries and the network of delivery areas is constantly growing.

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