How Digital is the Food Service Industry?

Most independent European restaurateurs haven’t yet adopted digital technologies. What are the reasons, and in which areas would digital solutions be especially useful? This study provides the answers.

How much attention do independent restaurateurs in Germany, France, Spain and Italy pay to digitisation? And how many are already using digital technologies? Jointly with the École hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland's first school of hospitality management, METRO AG investigated how technology is currently being used in restaurants and which digital solutions could help the food service industry.

The study

For 3 months, the researchers surveyed restaurateurs. The result: about one third of those questioned use simple technologies for restaurant processes - particularly in handling payment procedures, finances and communication.


The results

Although only around 15% of those surveyed have concrete plans to invest in technology, about half say that digitisation is important for business.The advantages are obvious: the simplification of processes, acquisition of new customers and strengthening of existing customer relationships.