The exciting world of quality assurance

Quality can make or break customer loyalty and trust in a company. METRO has a dedicated quality assurance team that is always on the look-out for innovative solutions.

The exciting world of quality assurance  - Smart Glasses

Habits and lifestyles have changed in recent years. More and more people pay close attention to healthy food, nutritious ingredients and food safety. Transparency and safety are important topics in the field of quality assurance. After all, there is more at stake than the good reputation of your products or company: it is all about trust. METRO has many ways to ensure reliably high product safety and quality, from suppliers who commit to sustainable fishing to the exclusion of certain ingredients from its own-brand products.

New perspectives with digitalisation

When it comes to quality assurance, digitalisation opens up whole new worlds of opportunity. Digital solutions are increasingly common in our daily work flow, and they guarantee greater transparency. They are especially useful when large quantities of data need to be collected and the contained information needs to be forwarded to our customers.

Allow us to introduce 2 tools that METRO uses to ensure transparency, efficiency and continual improvement in our quality assurance system:

Quality Assurance Dashboard

This tool combines quality assurance data with business data, such as the sales ratios from our wholesale stores.It allows us to view information about individual products, test analyses and returns.

The dashboard summarises all quality-relevant information about ingredients, certifications, returns and customer feedback in a uniform display mode to achieve greater transparency and consistency.

Smart Glasses

This is a collaboration between METRO and the US start-up EyeSucceed: A pair of glasses made for the food sector that combines specific software with augmented reality. It has many uses:

  • Virtual training sessions for new kitchen staff
  • Live streams of food safety inspections

The software allows us to set specific steps or processes, which the glasses then compare directly to the actions of the employee on duty. Deviations are reported automatically. If the employee forgets to put on their work gloves before they cut food, the glasses will produce a visual error signal. Real-time optimisations at the workplace!

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