(Almost) everyone loves Italian cuisine

Whether it's pizza from a delivery service or pasta on a date: Italian cuisine is almost universally number one on the scale of favourites. An overview of the top 5 most popular cuisines in the world.

The most popular cuisines in the world

What do we order? The top 5 most popular cuisines in the world are dominated by European and Asian countries.

The most popular cuisines in the world

8 out of 10 respondents like Italian cuisine. It is least popular in China, where just under 60% enjoy Italian food.

Source: YouGov

METRO celebrates 6th Own Business Day

The small flower shop around the corner, the cosy café next door or the favorite restaurant in town – during the pandemic those independent businesses suffered particularly. That's why it's now even more important to properly celebrate all independent business owners and their successes on 12 October 2021 under the motto "There is no joy without you". Initiated by METRO in 2016, Own Business Day brings communities in more than 22 countries together and calls for every single person to go out and dive into a variety of options, services and explore the joys independent businesses bring into their lives every day.

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