Do You Have to Go Looking For a Kiosk – or Could it Come to You?

We all like to get out and about in summer. But there’s just one thing missing… exactly, a nice cool refreshing drink. The nearest kiosk is over half a mile away – but here’s the answer: Mio Mobile Kiosk.


The idea behind Mio Mobile Kiosk is deceptively simple. If you’re thirsty, it has a bottle of water for you, and if you’re peckish, there’s always a sandwich with your name on it. Mio knows its customers’ needs - and this makes it the ideal advertising vehicle for both retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods.

But Mio Mobile is more than just a little robot that can quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger. Its ultimate objective is to build up trust between humans and machines, or in this case humans and robots.


After all, there is no collective tradition of interaction between them, and it is little wonder that trust has yet to be established.

Water and snacks any time, any place - thanks to a little robot named Mio. Or, to be more precise, a miniature robot shaped like a space capsule that moves around on four small wheels. The start-up is co-financed by the Metro Accelerator, which will start its third round of mentorship and investment in Berlin on 11 September 2017.


Mio Mobile Kiosk: