Can a Mouse Click Prevent People From Starving?

One of nine people somewhere in the world is going to bed hungry. At the same time one third of all our food ends up in the bin. This is what Olcay Silahli and Arda Eren, founders of Whole Surplus, want to change.

Their company logo is a green raccoon face with a Robin Hood hat. 'The raccoon collects food waste in the urban environment. We locate surplus food at companies and distribute it to people in need', they explain in an interview. Their IT tool connects suppliers, retailers and charity organisations. In the future, they want to take farmers on board as well. Companies currently donate on average 30% of their surplus food. With Whole Surplus this can increase to up to 80%.


For climate protection

In this way, the 29 year olds are also actively doing something for climate protection. Food waste accounts for at least eight percent of CO2 emissions. Whole Surplus wants to reduce food waste by 50 percent and thereby half its CO2 emissions. Olcay Silahli and Arda Eren have already saved 80 tons of food produce. By now they are sure that you can feed people by a click of the mouse.


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