Can a Whole HR Department Fit on a Single Tablet?

Had enough of doing the payroll and shift scheduling? Just ask Paul, the personal personnel assistant for the hospitality industry. He’ll take on all those really boring tasks that eat into your time.


The most time-consuming and least fun job in the gastronomy sector is taking care of all the paperwork - from shift scheduling to timekeeping and processing employee data, not to mention doing the payroll and recording holidays and sick leave. In other words, all the stuff nobody likes doing. Now there’s a ready-made solution to all of this in the shape of ASK Paul, the personal personnel assistant.

While their software was originally designed to be a non-target-group-specific personnel management system, after taking part in the Metro Accelerator in 2016, Stratmann, Preader and Wladislaw shifted their focus to SMEs from the hospitality industry - i.e. hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés and catering services. And it was a smart move - they have been very successful ever since.


So what exactly does "ASK Paul" do? "ASK Paul" provides answers - answers to all the questions that have previously kept people in the hospitality industry from concentrating on what really matters - taking care of their customers. The great thing about the software is that "ASK Paul" is available to everyone on the staff, including trainees. So everyone can manage their own account and by doing so not only look after their own interests but those of the whole business at the same time.

If Marc Stratmann has his way, the only answer people in the hospitality industry will ever need in the future is "ASK Paul". So we did - or rather we asked Stratmann, one of the co-creators of the personal personnel assistant.

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ASK Paul:

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