Can IT And Doggy Bags Reduce Food Waste?

For 25 years, Tafeln, the German food bank organisation, have been committed to fighting food wastage and hunger. But everyone can do their part to reduce the amount of food that ends up in the garbage. How this works and how IT tools and innovative solutions can help to reduce food waste throughout the entire supply chain can be seen in our overview.

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Our way to save food

The 940 Tafel organisations in Germany save every year 264,000 tons of food from garbage. At the same time they provide 1.5 million people with meals and food. For 25 years, the Tafeln have been committed to fighting food waste and hunger. An anniversary that makes us proud - of the success of the food savers. But it also reminds us that despite all the supposed abundance, hunger prevails at the same time and resources are running out. Already today we live beyond our means. By 2050, when almost 10 billion people live on Earth, we will need three Earths to feed ourselves - if we do not change our consumption habits. Saving food is not only the task of food banks. Everyone can play their part and innovative start-ups can find solutions to reduce food loss and waste in the field and in production.

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