Illustration: Fish and elk

Johan i Hallen & Bergfalk: Experienced in the north

February 2024

A real catch: the delivery specialist for meat, fish and seafood - Johan i Hallen & Bergfalk (JHB). The METRO subsidiary is located just where Europe has the highest per capita consumption of meat and fish in Europe.

With the acquisition of the Swedish delivery specialist Johan i Hallen & Bergfalk (JHB), METRO has entered the sixth-largest food service market in Europe in 2023. JHB, known for its high-quality service, supplies over 4,000 customers in Sweden and Finland with meat, fish and seafood. The products are delivered from five warehouse locations directly to the customer.

Did you know? Sweden and Finland together have one of the highest per capita levels of consumption of meat and fish in Europe!


JHB specialises in sausages and specialities like Swedish meatballs, but also supplies local fish and seafood. The company history stretches back to 1839, the first butcher’s was opened in 1916.