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Why do some prices fluctuate more than others? How does METRO ensure product availability? Why are products discontinued? MPULSE answers what customers want to know. Today's topic: assortment changes.

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why are you removing products from your product range? 

To explain why we’re adjusting the depth of our product range, let’s look at cream capsules as an example:

👉  Up to now, our customers have been able to find about four different brands of capsules at wholesale stores for preparing whipped cream and other dishes with a cream dispenser.

👉  We’re reducing the depth of our product range to two brands: our METRO own brand, METRO Professional in this case, and a well-known premium brand.

👉  We are basing this decision entirely on the needs of professional customers. Their main requirement is to be able to purchase everything they need for their day-to-day restaurant operations. They don’t want to spend ages comparing specifications and prices. Instead, they want a pared-down range, which makes their shopping trip quicker.

👉  Our quality and performance are still as excellent as usual.

👉  Fewer different products means easier handling: our employees have fewer product variants – with different shapes, sizes and prices – to record, order and restock. This means, for example, that the shelves can be stocked quicker, which optimises processes at wholesale stores whilst also reducing costs. This benefits customers as we can offer them the best prices.

What is the difference between a wide product range and a deep product range?

A wide product range means that a merchant stocks many different product groups such as food, clothing and electronics. When companies offer many different variants of one product group, such as a dozen different oils or cream capsules, this is known as a deep product range.

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