Is restaurant feeling available for home delivery?

Pick up your mobile, order food - and just wait till the doorbell rings: ordering food is as easy as pie and delivery services are booming. But what does it mean for the brand and brand experience when the restaurant comes to the customer?

Conversation with Armin Angerer

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More and more potential restaurant goers are staying in and enjoying pizza, sushi, etc. in the comforts of their own home rather than visiting the restaurant around the corner. Even if it requires a rethinking by the restaurant industry, - one thing is certain: the special aspects qualities and special atmosphere that form are part of the restaurant experience don’t not have to be compromised entirely.

Especially if restaurateurs see the trend of food delivery trend as a chance to become a brand beyond the confines of their restaurants.

This is Armin Angerer’s firm conviction. In an interview, the design and brand expert explains how some of the beautiful and positive experience that customers enjoy in a restaurant can be transported to their own living room.

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