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Restaurant owners wishing to shop at METRO have quite a few options: they can head to the wholesale store or place an order online or by phone – delivery to their doorstep included. The globally available food service distribution system comprises a range of models.

METRO's delivery service is available in 36 countries, with a steadily growing network of delivery areas.

METRO goes omni-channel. That means: its customers get to use multiple shopping channels depending on when, where and how they prefer to select order and receive their goods. The big advantage of METRO's omni-channel strategy over pure cash and carry or pure delivery merchants is that, depending on their needs or personal preferences, customers can take advantage of all channels - personal advice and individual selection in the store or convenient ordering of the products in the web shop or from the customer manager as well as transport of the goods to their own kitchen. One component of the omni-channel strategy is therefore Food Service Distribution (FSD).

METRO uses its existing network of wholesale stores coupled with depots, which it uses exclusively as FSD warehouses and distribution centres, depending on regional requirements. Overall, there is high demand for this system: depending on the country in which they are based, between 70% and 80% of hotel, restaurant and catering customers take advantage of delivery services.

METRO's delivery service is available in 36 countries, with a steadily growing network of delivery areas. In addition, METRO’s own delivery experts supply professional customers all over the world with the products they need. In Asia, the Middle East and the UK, Classic Fine Foods delivers delicatessen products to more than 20,000 customers. Rungis Express distributes gourmet food in various countries including Germany and Switzerland and Pro á Pro supplies the catering industry in France.

Two thirds of all Michelin star restaurants in Germany use the premium food delivery service Rungis Express. The ordering process is essentially similar to shopping ‘on your own’: pick the best ingredients, load them onto a delivery vehicle and take them to the restaurant or hotel on time. With FSD, METRO now takes over the time-consuming work steps of picking and loading for the customer. This leaves our customers more time for other things.

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