Italian efficiency

In a very short time, the Food Service Distribution Depot in Milan, Italy, has become the second largest FSD supplier in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The secret to its success? Passion, precision and communication.

A lot of pallets with different goods

The fsd depot in Mailand

Opened in 2016, the FSD depot in Milan now supplies customers on 76 different routes spanning an area of 15,000 square kilometres. It delivers 6 days a week – orders before 11 AM even on the same day.

An assortment of goods that is carefully tailored to the needs of food service customers is stored in a building encompassing 6,500 square metres plus 450 square metres for frozen goods. The fruit and vegetable shelves look a bit empty? That is intentional! Because we replenish daily.

Communication is the key factor

More than 70 employees ensure that the Milan depot runs smoothly. The key factor is communication between the different areas. Customer managers and back-end managers need to be in constant communication to quickly respond to changes in the market or special customer wishes. That is our key to success.

Is there room for improvement? Of course. The next step is the development of unused space in the building to expand the warehouse and the loading area. The goal is to be able to work more efficiently and supply customers even faster.

A look behind the scenes of the FSD depot in Milan and 3 statements by Marco Tonini, Warehouse Coordinator:

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