Less waste, more flavour: The MPULSE refrigerator guide

The temperature is not the same everywhere in the refrigerator – depending on the model and size, there can be fluctuations of up to 10°C. In order for food to stay fresh and last longer, it must therefore be stored in the right place. Our refrigerator guide shows you how!

Refrigerator Guide


Foods with a long shelf life that don’t need much cooling

e.g. open preserved foods (jams, gherkins, olives, etc.), hard cheeses and smoked sausage (release and maintain their flavour better when they are not stored at such cold temperatures), sliced tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes or oranges (only for a short time; whole tropical fruits do not belong in the refrigerator), leftovers (previously prepared, covered dishes)

Refrigerator Guide


Dairy products and alternative sources of protein

e.g. cheese, yogurt, plant-based meat substitutes

Refrigerator Guide


Easily perishable foods

e.g. fresh meat, fresh fish and seafood, sausage

Refrigerator Guide

Crisper: 10°C–12°C and high humidity

Fresh fruits and vegetables

(separately, as ripe fruit causes vegetables to spoil more quickly) e.g. carrots, broccoli and cauliflower, lettuce and fresh herbs, berries

Good to know: even apples belong here, where they maintain their crispness and vitamin content significantly longer. Water-rich vegetables like cucumbers or aubergines stay fresh outside the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Guide

Door: 10°C–15°C

Foods that need little cooling and tolerate slight temperature variations

e.g. beverages, eggs, butter and sauces

Proper storage keeps food fresh – so it can be used longer and there is less waste. This in turn means money saved, for end consumers and restaurateurs alike.

To support professional customers in matters of sustainability, METRO has developed a practical how-to guide: ‘My sustainable restaurant’ offers restaurateurs information and advice on such topics as energy efficiency, waste management and the use of plastic and packaging.

Beyond this, METRO sales force managers provide individually tailored consulting – because each restaurant’s path to sustainability is as unique as the restaurant itself.

More: www.metro-wholesale.com/be-sustainable

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