MPULSE: From the avocado grove in Málaga to NENI in Vienna

Avocados always come from overseas? Wrong, as a visit to southern Spain shows. And in a culinary empire, does the family fall by the wayside? Also nonsense – as celebrity chef Haya Molcho proves. Read more about this and many other topics in the new MPULSE.

MPULSE magazin may 2023 - Cover: Haya Molcho

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She trudges across a 30-hectare plantation as routinely as she scrolls through an Excel list – or makes her way through bustling Valencia: our colleague Andrea Ceballos Mascarell from the VTO takes us through her everyday working life in the new MPULSE print edition. One stop: a visit to one of Europe's largest producers of avocados and guacamole (here's the online video).

Haya Molcho is just as determined as she is warm. We visited the celebrity chef in her restaurant NENI at the Prater in Vienna. In the interview with her son Elior, the 68-year-old tells us what is important for growth in the family business. And why expansion also involves saying no sometimes.

Preparation tips from the pros

They have become an indispensable fixture on café and beverage menus – and they’re new to the METRO Chef range: plant-based alternatives to cow's milk. Our customer Arthur Fuchs gives tips for the optimal professional use of plant-based products in his coffee roastery. How digital is a restaurant already? You can also find out in two self-tests. Of course with jumps to the appropriate METRO solutions.

The new episode of Max Strohe's column is about the ‘typical German nerd plate’. And, back to the topic of Acovados: If you didn't know how useful mammoth dung was for their spread, you should take a look at the new issue as soon as possible as well. 😉

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